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CCTV Inspections – Sewers and Drains – 2 Days

(Practical CCTV System Training + WinCan® Pipe Reporting Software Course)

Who will benefit

Operators and technicians who are required to carry out CCTV inspections of sewers and drains.


To provide operators and technicians with the practical skills and knowledge to conduct CCTV surveys of sewers and drains. (Typically 100mm and 150mm)

Survey to national standards

  • Review relevant sections from the Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection (2nd Edition)
  • Awareness of Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (4th Edition) for reporting standards and the Drain Repair Book (2nd Edition)


Stolen Equipment – Beware

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Second Hand WinCan Licenses

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Backing Up Your Work

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FREE Reports

“How To Conduct CCTV Surveys ONCE And Spend The Time Saved On Your Business”


 “CCTV Buyers Guide – DON’T Buy A CCTV System Until You’ve Read These Facts” 

File Export Limitations

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WinCan V8 PC Requirements

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Warning 1 – Buying Second-Hand WinCan Licenses

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Warning 2 – Buying Used CCTV Systems on Ebay

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