Used Equipment – Pearpoint Mini-Mainline System

Used Pearpoint Mini-Mainline CCTV System

    • 320 CCU with in-built tractor drive—Approx cost new is £7,500

      Pearpoint 320 Control Unit

    • P238 6-wd tractor with wheels and lights for 150mm-450mm diameter. Approx cost
      new is £9,300
    • flexiprobeTM(P235). Remote focus with auto and manual iris control. Approx cost
      new is £5,600
    • Pearpoint cable drum, counter and approx 150m cable. Includes link cable.  Approx cost new is £5,900
    • Optional P494 Pan & Tilt camera. Approx cost new is £11,500
    • HUGE saving on new

      P238 6-wd Tractor

     Total cost new £28,300—£39,800

    Asking Price £7,499 + VAT


    £9,999 + VAT with Pan & Tilt



Cable Drum/Electronic Count and 150m Cable




P494 Pan & Tilt Camera


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