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Important Message For Flexiprobe ™ CCTV Users

How Flexiprobe™ Users Can Improve Their Surveys & Reduce Running Costs Dramatically


Do you undertake CCTV surveys in 100mm and 150mm pipes? Are you fed-up with the running costs of the 4”/100mm brush (222) light-head? Have you worked out the downtime cost or loss of productivity? Does your tungsten light-head (226) get too hot and not allow continuous surveying as the camera gets hot! If you have experienced the above problems take a couple of minutes to read this message as it may save you hundreds of pounds.

We have designed and built a new LED light head for use in pipes up to 150mm diameter. The light head is the same diameter as your camera, which means you can survey pipes as small as 50mm diameter. The camera is centred in the pipe by using two ordinary ‘collars’ with brush inserts.

It is manufactured from high-grade 300 series stainless steel – the same as your camera. There are 12-high intensity LED’s that give superb illumination ensuring superior surveying results. LED’s are highly efficient at giving a bright intense light for surveying the most difficult pipes such as cast iron and pitch fibre. This light head is not only extremely robust as there are no glass bulbs to shatter but each LED has a life rating of 100,000 hours!

LED Light head

LED Light head

However, as we work in particularly hostile conditions no LED supplier will give a rating in drains and sewers! It does demonstrate the longevity of LED’s versus ordinary bulbs.

No doubt you are wondering if the light head is all potted and you have to buy a new one if the LED’s stop working. NOT with our design – there are 12 white LED’s wired in two ‘banks’ of 6, so if one LED fails the remaining LED’s will provide sufficient illumination for most 100mm pipes. If there is a failure, the light head can be dismantled and serviced – IT IS NOT A CONSUMABLE ITEM.

Incidentally if you have the small 6-wheel drive P238 tractor and your tractor lights fail our LED light-head supplies sufficient illumination for 150-225mm pipes (235 cameras). Again, it provides you with insurance if your existing light head fails.

The cost for this LED Lighthead is £397 + VAT + Shipping

To order call 01246 591491, fax 0870 300 4300 or e-mail


Improve The Quality Of Your CCTV Surveys & Ensure Your Camera Is Working At Maximum Performance

Test box in closed position with AC input

Test box in closed position with AC input

An easy to use light test box to demonstrate to you and your clients that your CCTV camera is performing to the minimum standards. (See Model Contract Document For Sewer Condition Inspection).

When you need to demonstrate the resolution of your camera you simply place the camera in the tube and align it with the test chart.

Test box in open position ready to accept pan & tilt camera. Also shows adapter for a forward view camera.

Test box in open position ready to accept pan & tilt camera. Also shows adapter for a forward view camera.

The test chart is a high quality resolution chart with colour blocks. It is back-lit with variable halogen lighting to provide the best possible pictures.

The test box can accommodate certain pan & tilt cameras by opening the hinged front section. This reduces the cost of test apparatus. The box has been designed to test a forward view camera together with a pan & tilt camera with the use of an adapter.

It is vital to specify the manufacturer, model and type of camera when ordering a test box.

*** Call For Latest Details and Pricing ***

► Rugged Construction – Polyurethane lacquered plywood. ► 110 or 240V AC Operation ► Horizontal or Vertical operation ► Resolution Test upto 700 TV Lines ► Variable 12V DC (20W) Halogen lighting ► Overall Size 450mm (L) x 190mm (W) x175mm (H)


To order call 01246 591595, fax 0870 300 4300 or e-mail

Cable Protection Rollers

Cable protection rollers

Cable protection rollers

These rollers are an essential accessory for the CCTV Surveyor. They also work in protecting jetting hoses. Just think how much you pay for your CCTV cable and hoses. Plus the loss of revenue and profits if your cable breaks!

  • Rugged construction using 2.5mm wall thickness box-section steel
  • Aluminium rollers with nylon bushes for smooth operation
  • Increases life of cable
  • Reduces downtime and damage to cameras, lights and tractors
  • Minimises cuts in manholes and pipes
  • More accurate and smoother surveys
  • Pipe sizes 150mm –1000mm
  • Stainless steel locking pin
  • Standard colour: Yellow

Pair of Rollers (Top & Bottom) – Call for latest details and pricing


To order call 01246 591595, fax 0870 300 4300 or e-mail

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