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If you are looking for the most advanced, easy to use and modular reporting software… please take a few minutes to read this page.

Here — at last — is a reporting system that can be used at the time of survey or back in the office – to suit how you operate your business.

WinCan is modular which allows you to start with Lite and then upgrade to Office or Mobile when your business grows or you prefer to change the way you undertake surveys.

Click here for a demo video of WinCan’s capabilities. NO AUDIO
(You can submit your video and reports to your clients like this.)
The WinCan Viewer is FREE.

Aren’t you fed up with:-

  • Poor margins and returns from CCTV Inspections
  • Lack of repeat and new business
  • “Unfair” competition from large and small contractors
  • Having always to submit the lowest price to win
  • Working hard for little return


Click here for a Comparison of WinCan v8 aginst v7

Sample Inspection Photos

This year do something to make your business more profitable and enjoyable. How would you like your customers to insist that you carry out the work?

Don’t believe it?

That’s exactly what our customers are experiencing NOW.

“WinCan means that powerful, professional reporting is now available to the smaller contractors. My customers are delighted with the quality and clarity of information I give them” – Steve Redford, Aqua Clenz Ltd

Why? Because they are supplying the clearest, easiest to understand reports available today that their customers are delighted with.

Sample Inspection Report

Now, let me tell you more about WinCan …you don’t need to be a computer expert. If you can use a mouse you can achieve fantastic results that will impress your clients.

With WinCan Lite you get:-

  • Pipe graphic reports showing a true scale, colour plan of the pipe
  • The ability to take digital photos from a  ‘live’ camera picture, DVD recorder, HDD Recorder or PVR
  • The combined pipe graphic and ‘thumbnail’ pictures showing your customers the major problems on one page!
  • Full set of UK pipe descriptions that are nationally used and recognised – Don’t worry, if the codes you use aren’t there, you can easily add the ones you use
  • Tabular longhand report
  • 2 or 4 photos per page with descriptions
  • Automated structural grading report

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s more:

  • The ability to send your surveys, pictures and drawings on CD/DVD-ROM. (You will need a CD/DVD-Writer in your PC – but it’s not difficult – we’ll show you exactly how)
  • Prints automatically all your CD/DVD labels together with your company logo and completed surveys
  • Modular design for upgrading so you are NEVER out of date.
  • Digital video embedded in the report (Optional MPEG video recording)
  • NEW Remote Login Support to minimise your downtime
  • And many, many more

Sample Plan

The DRAW package is INCLUDED – for professional schematics of drainage layouts

Now, you might be thinking …

“Will my investment in WinCan Lite become redundant or obsolete?”

Absolutely NOT. From Lite you can simply upgrade to either Office or Mobile. Our philosophy is to help you grow your business and NOT to simply sell you something that will just get you by today. In other words you upgrade when your business demands.

CLICK HERE for a comparison of the three versions available.

“Do I have to use a particular make of CCTV system?”


WinCan works with ALL makes of CCTV systems. It can be used at the time of survey, or if you prefer, back in the office.

“How do I know WinCan will continue to be updated and adapted to changes in my market place?”

WinCan has been developed over the last 17 years by a dedicated development team. We started with one developer and now have 14 full time programmers, development and technical support staff (probably the largest team in the world in this industry!) to ensure it has remained the No.1 choice throughout the world. This software has not been “ripped-off” and copied like some companies do and pretend they can support you.

“Whenever I hear people talk about software for my industry they talk about “hidden-costs” such as HelpLine and Support. What exactly is your position on this?”

Like any product today you have to keep on improving to stay ahead of the game. We will support you by phone and e-mail FREE of charge in normal business hours for the first 12 months. Updates are free from the internet. After the first 12 months you can contiune with full support and upgrades at £149.85 p.a. Alternatively you can use the Premium Rate telephone number and pay for upgrades when necessary.

“I’m concerned that I am not very good with computers”

We all have to cross this bridge at sometime. I don’t need to tell that you have to embrace this technology as it is VITAL for your survival. I think you would be surprised how easy it is to produce top quality presentations!

“WinCan has opened up opportunities for us to break into new markets and win new business. It is a fantastic product and we will be installing it throughout our offices nationwide” – Graham Tattersall, Lanes for Drains Ltd

One thing though. WinCan Lite is designed specifically for the contractor involved with domestic, insurance, home-survey, commercial and emergency surveys.

It is not suitable for everyone. If you work for local authorities, Water Companies or consultants that require a special file (sewer.dat) format then you will have to consider our Office or Mobile systems.

“We chose WinCan as it is user-friendly for our CCTV division and gave us the versatile reporting structure we needed for our diverse range of customers. It has improved our on-site reporting and data preparation time, which allows us to send reports more quickly, as well as improving our cashflow. It has helped us gain an edge over other contractors and secures us more repeat business. WinCan is well supported by experts who are friendly and knowledgeable” – Liam Sellar, Director, In Sewer Surveys

So there you have it. Well, not quite as I want to ask you a couple of questions:-

” What happens when your existing customers STOP calling you for their CCTV work because another contractor has offered them a superior report and service?”

“What is the cost of that lost customer to you?….£100, £500 or possibly £1000’s. Remember it is not usually just one job – it could be the life-time value of your customer.”

“How much money have you invested in securing your customers?”

“Did you know it is up to 10 times easier to sell your existing customers a new service or product? Why not offer them WinCan before your competitors?”

Don’t you think you owe it to your business to at least try WinCan to not only protect your existing customer base but also increase your level of new business and PROFITS.

Instead of thinking about it — Click here to complete and submit the No-Risk Request Form.

Or just pick-up the phone NOW and dial 01246 591595 and we’ll rush you a copy of WinCan Lite in the post without delay.

You have nothing to lose as you are protected by our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t think WinCan is right for your business you can return in to us, within 60 days, for a prompt and courteous refund – 100% GUARANTEED.

Once I receive your request, your package will be despatched within just a few days so you can immediately start enjoying the benefits of WinCan.
Remember you risk NOTHING as you can send the package back within 60 days if you don’t like it, for any reason, for a prompt and courteous 100% refund.

“WinCan is very easy to use and saves me time, but more importantly I can now give my customers a very professional inspection report. WinCan has certainly helped me win both new and repeat business” – Alan McRae, Candid Services Ltd.,  Dyno Rod franchisee


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