Who Else Wants A More Profitable Drainage Business?

You now need to find advantages over your rivals, to stay ahead in this competitive drainage business.

With WinCan software you will gain a competitive advantage by offering your customers clear and concise CCTV reports that are easy to understand. Additionally, you can send all of the surveys data, photos, manhole reports, drawings and video on a single CD or DVD – no more time consuming printing!

Second hand equipment

Our second-hand equipment offers will save you hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds on purchasing new. Generally we offer a 90 day warranty, for your peace of mind, on second-hand equipment after we’ve checked and serviced it.

You will save hundreds of pounds on our TV cable and rods. Remember, any savings go straight to your bottom-line profits. Justcompare our prices to the CCTV manufacturers.

Go and view the constantly changing cameras and accessories page. For example our LED lighthead will save hundreds of pounds in running costs alone.

For that “hard-to-find” information about the CCTV inspection business check our useful information page.

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